Greenfield Mfg Co Inc

Residential Plumbing Products
DWV hanger

stud gurads
hanger strap
pipe strap tube strap
Stud Guards Hanger Strap Pipe and EMT Straps Tube straps DWV Hangers

Plastic Coated Straps

Plastic Coated Hooks
BOCA plates 950 FHA plates
stud shoe stud fixer

BOCA plates  16 Hole Plates  FHA Plates Stud Shoes Stud Fixer

J hanger shield FIG 358 FIG 360

Stove Bolts w/nuts
Rod Couplings
Plastic Screw Anchor kit
Threaded Rod
Plastic Coated J-Hanger Clevis Shields Stanley Screw Elliott Anchor

Hardware and Rod

Hangers for Pipe and Copper Tube


swivel split ring hanger strut clamp
Clevis Hangers Risers Adjustible Swivels  Split Ring Hangers
Strut Clamps

Plastic Coated Clevis Plastic Coated Risers Plastic Coated Swivel 
Strut Hardware

top beam c clamp side beam

domestic flange plate

Top Beam Clamps "C" Clamps Side Beam  Domestic  Flange Plate
Domestic Top Beam Clamp

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